Intelligent controls, digital speed control , audible and visual alarms, “Autoflow” feature - as debris starts accumulating in the filters, the air flow through the unit decreases. The “Autoflow” feature increases the motor speed automatically to increase air flow.

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Accessories and Parts For Your Quatro Air Technologies Air Filtration System, Fume Extractor, Air Purifier

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Medisafe | Destroy the needle, Eliminate risk of infection & transmission | Syringe Incinerator
Plastic Cabinet Enclosures
Tabletop "Soft touch" On/Off Pedal | Part # - H251


Plastic Cabinet Enclosures


Tabletop "Soft touch" On/Off Pedal

Adjustable Mobile Arm (For Workbench Mounting)
Black ESD Safe Arm, c/w ROUND nozzle | PN: A150: 24" long arm ONLY, no slide-gate
ClearView (WideFormat) | Wide format containment unit, Eliminates odor or debris from breathing zone, Contains contaminants within enclosure

Adjustable Mobile Arm (For Workbench Mounting)

Black ESD Arm, Round Inlet

ClearView (WideFormat)

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